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Small Rugs

Shop the range of small rugs at Rugs UK! For ease, we classify rugs less than 100×160cm as small. This means you’ll find rugs measuring  60×110cm, 60×120cm, 65×130cm, 70×140cm, 80×150cm, 80×160cm, and 85×160cm, plus squares and circles with a similar m2. This collection also includes most kitchen and children’s mats. Please use the filters on the left to refine your search.

A small rug is versatile and can enhance any room with focused impact. Their compact size allows for easy placement in a variety of areas, such as in entryways, beside beds, or under furniture. Use small rugs to introduce pops of colour, texture, and pattern to your interior design, or to define zones within larger multi-functional spaces.

Small rugs can also be budget-friendly options for experimenting with different styles. They’re also simple to clean and move, making them ideal for dynamic interior arrangements. If you’d like to see more easy-clean designs, we sure to browse our washable rugs range.

With their ability to transform nooks and crannies, small rugs offer an efficient way to infuse charm and character into any room. For bigger options, be sure browse our medium, large, and extra-large rugs too — all available to be shipped to your door with free UK delivery as standard. Buy a mini rug and much more from Rugs UK today.