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Red/Crimson Rugs

Here are all the rugs which are predominately Red/Crimson or contain it as one of the main colours. Popular shades are called Alizarin crimson, Amaranth, American rose, Auburn, Blood red, Burgundy, Candy Apple Red, Cardinal, Carmine, Carnelian, Chocolate Cosmos, Cinnabar, Claret, Coquelicot, Coral, Crimson, Dark red, Electric crimson, Fire brick, Fire engine red, Flame, Folly, Hollywood cerise, Indian red, Magenta, Mahogany, Mystic red, Oxblood, Persian red, Raspberry, Red-violet, Redwood, Rose red, Rosewood, Rosso corsa, Ruby, Russet, Sanguine, Scarlet, Tomato, Turkey red, Tuscan red, Venetian red, Vermilion, Violet-red, Wine.

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