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Purple/Mauve Rugs

Here are all the rugs which are predominately Purple/Mauve or contain it as one of the main colours. Popular shades are called African violet, Amethyst, Blue-violet, Byzantium, Chinese violet, Dark purple, Dark violet, Electric indigo, Electric purple, Electric violet, English violet, Eminence, Fandango, French mauve, French violet, Grape, Heliotrope, Indigo, Indigo dye, Japanese violet, Lavender blush, Lilac, Mardi Gras, Mauve, Mulberry, Orchid, Palatinate, Purple, Periwinkle, Lavender, Plum, Purpureus, Red-violet, Russian violet, Thistle, Tropical indigo, Tyrian purple, Ultra Violet, Veronica, Violet, Wisteria.

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