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Orange/Terracotta Rugs

Here are all the rugs which are predominately Orange/Terracotta or contain it as one of the main colours. Popular shades are called Amber, Apricot, Atomic tangerine, Bittersweet, Buff, Burnt orange, Butterscotch, Caramel, Carrot orange, Champagne, Citron, Coral, Dark salmon, Deep carrot orange, Flame, Fulvous, Gamboge,  Golden poppy, International orange, Jonquil, Lion, Mahogany, Mango, Marigold, Old gold, Orange-red, Orange peel, Papaya whip, Peach, Peach-orange, Peach-yellow, Persian orange, Persimmon, Portland Orange, Princeton Orange, Pumpkin, Rust, Safety orange, Salmon, Seashell, Sunglow, Sunset, Tangelo, Tangerine,  Tea rose, Tomato, UT Orange, Vermilion.

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