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Blue/Teal Rugs

Here are all the rugs which are predominately Blue/Teal or contain it as one of the main colours. Popular shades are called Air Force blue, Air superiority blue, Alice blue, Azure, Baby blue, Bice blue, Bleu de France, Blue-gray, Bondi blue, Brandeis blue, Byzantine blue, Capri, Carolina blue, Cerulean, Cobalt blue, Columbia Blue, Cornflower blue, Cyan, Denim, Dodger blue, Duke blue, Egyptian blue, Electric blue, Federal blue, Glaucous, Electric indigo, Ice blue, Indigo, Iris, Majorelle Blue, Marian blue, Maya blue, Midnight blue, Navy blue, Neon blue, Oxford Blue, Pacific blue, Palatinate blue, Periwinkle, Persian blue, Phthalo blue, Powder blue, Prussian blue, Robin egg blue, Royal blue, Sapphire, Sky blue, Slate blue, Steel blue, Teal blue, Tiffany Blue, True Blue, Tufts Blue, Turquoise, UCLA Blue, Ultramarine, Violet-blue, Vivid sky blue, Yale Blue, YInMn Blue, Zaffre.

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