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Modern Rugs

When we think of modern or contemporary rugs, we might think of something bright and bold with abstract patterns but it generally includes everything that isn’t traditional and symmetrical.

From stripes, geometric, blocks, and abstract designs through to bordered rugs or floral designs as well as textured plain rugs, all these glorious variations, and many more, can all be considered Modern.

They come in all types of textures and materials from Pure Wool, Wool with various synthetic materials blended in with it to any of the natural fibres like Coir, Sisal, Hemp or Seagrass. Then, there are all the synthetic fibres that wear so well at affordable prices; fibres like Polypropylene, Polyester, Viscose or Acrylic. Combinations of different fibres and textures are also more and more popular, giving greater variety to the feel and look of modern rugs.

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We have also linked some of our recommended Modern Rugs collection below for your convenience

Mehari Modern Rugs Collection

Super thick and super soft, Mehari is a contemporary rug collection made in heat-set polypropylene. With a 25mm long pile, it has a lovely long thick pile but not a full-length shaggy pile giving the best of both worlds. Most designs are in soft natural colours with touches of Blues, Tans and Pinks added for contrast. Click the link or picture to see the full range.

Galleria Modern Rugs Collection

Advanced construction and exceptionally high density give Galleria a textured surface and soft touch. Contemporary looks with clever colouring, this range is exceptionally hard-wearing and made with a heat-set polypropylene pile. A carved or embossed effect gives texture to a very popular collection. Click the link or picture to see the full range.