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Why Choose Us As Your Handmade Rug Supplier In The UK

A rug is an element of your living area that can truly transform the atmosphere. Rooms can feel bare and distant without a rug, especially when you have become accustomed to having one as the central point in a room.

Our team at Rugs UK is passionate about the difference that our collections of rugs can make to rooms across your home.

As a leading handmade rugs supplier in the UK, we have gained a reputation for unique, stylish, and high-quality rugs in a variety of themes and styles.

Why Choose our Team as your Handmade Rug Supplier?

Since 1991, we have become the perfect destination for interior designers, homeowners, and property developers looking to inject personality into any room in the home.

From decorative rugs in children’s bedrooms, modern styles in living rooms, and traditional rugs for dining areas, we have been updating and evolving our selections of rugs to suit the needs of our customers.

Our base in Cumbria stocks an exclusive range of oriental rugs, traditional rugs, children’s rugs, and more which could be the ideal addition to your home. We will work closely with you to offer:

  • The perfect rug
  • The ideal size
  • The most convenient price
  • Free delivery to mainland UK
  • A showroom in the Lake District

If you are searching for a handmade rug to adorn your home’s surfaces, make sure you choose Rugs UK.

To discover more about customer service and the options open to you, speak with our team today on 01539 730140 or e-mail at